Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness

For a PDF copy of this year’s In His Steps sign-up brochure and/or a PDF copy of the “Explanations”, click on the appropriate red button.  If you are interested in printing the brochure, please note that it takes 8 ½” x 14’ size paper for the brochure.

As United Methodists we are called to make offerings of our prayers, our presence here at Wesley, our many gifts we give to Wesley and the world, our service we volunteer to the church and the surrounding community and also our efforts to tell the story of Jesus.  

The In His Steps brochure is part of the “service” (volunteer) piece of the equation.  It lists many ways you can offer your service to Wesley and our community.  It contains many specific volunteer opportunities for you to consider. 

In addition to all the other volunteer opportunities available in the In His Steps brochure, there is a section titled “Just Call Me”.  If you have specific skill you would like to make available to the church and are not quite sure what to do with it, this is for you.  List your skill and when the need arises, we will give you a call.  Examples might be:  Construction, photography, disaster response, computer repair, IT skills, counseling, blogging, landscaping, etc.  If you hate going to meetings, are not wild about planning events but still want to be of service, this is the place for you! 

As always, if you feel God calling you to start something new we want to help.  Give us a call, list it on the In His Steps brochure or leave us a note on the Sunday Connection Card.  No idea is too big and there may just be others that are trying to figure out how to do the same thing!!

Every year in the fall we ask everyone to consider how they would like to be a service in the up-coming year.  We also make this brochure available to new members and anyone looking to become more involved with Wesley.  All you need to do is put your name on the front of the brochure along with your initials.  Then look through the brochure and place your initials beside whatever you would like to volunteer for.  As long as your initials are not the same, multiple people can use the same brochure.