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Lenten Study Group Sign-up


A Lenten Study for Unsteady Times

The season of Lent in the Christian Church is the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday which falls on different dates each year. This year Lent begins on March 6, Ash Wednesday, and ends with Easter Sunday, April 21.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this 6-session Lenten study of the book “Embracing the Uncertain” by Magrey deVega. We live in uncertain times: economic instabilities, eruptions of violence, and natural catastrophes. Our individual lives are often just as unsteady.He invites us to engage and wrestle with life’s uncertainties using courage and faith, not to ignore or flee from them. Studies will be held at various homes during the week beginning the week of March 10.

In an effort to accommodate everyone’s schedules and locations, we are asking your preference of day and time along with availability to host or lead a group. After everyone has signed up, we will do our best to place you in a group that works best with your needs.

This form will be submitted to the church office. We will contact you as soon as the groups are put together.

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Home address and preferred contact phone number
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Are you willing to host a small group in your home? You would not have to facilitate the study, just provide the space.
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Would you like for us to purchase the study guide book for you at a cost of $9? There is a Kindle edition available online that you can purchase yourself.
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Would you be willing to lead/facilitate one of the small group studies?
Please list the days (Mon. - Sun.) and times (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) that would work for you to participate in one of the small groups.