Wesley youth are the best!!

Wesley youth are the best!!

Youth Notes

The Wesley UMC Youth program is for any youth middle-school and high-school age. There are many opportunities to get involved.
Bible study Sunday mornings, 9:45 am
Wednesday evenings, 6:00 pm during the school year for mission projects.
Special outings during the year such as Young Christian’s Weekend at Silver Dollar City, music concerts, and Mission Days during school breaks.
Youth Work Camp - Every summer they travel “away” to serve others for a week in July. This year they are headed to El Dorado Springs. Next summer (2020) they are headed to Puerto Rico.

Questions?? - Contact the Director of Youth Ministries, Penny Mueller, 573-893-2556 or pennyatchurch@gmail.com

Penny's Monday Moments March-11-2019:

Good evening.  Today it feels like spring and the birds are singing so maybe it's on its way! We had a good group yesterday as we finalized our plans for our Spring Fling this Saturday.  I do want to give a shout out and HUGE THANKS to Steve, Ashley and Michelle as well as Karen for being so dedicated to the youth and Sunday School!  They are such a blessing!
DATES FOR WORK CAMP 2019 will be July 14-20.  We have confirmed this with Camp Galilee.  Details on cost, etc are still being worked out.  But PLEASE get this on your calendar for next summer!

This week at Wesley:

Wednesday, 3-13-2019 - Youth Gathering at 6:00 pm Finish up decorations for Spring Fling.

Saturday, 3-16-2019 - Spring Fling 50's Thing Fundraiser for Puerto Rico - We will meet at 2:00 to decorate the hall and do a run through of our talent show.  We need parents to help with the cooking (if weather is nice grilling) the hamburgers/hot dogs.  Right now we just have about 50 people and that's not counting the youth so around 60-65.  If you haven't got your tickets yet, let me know and I can add you to the list.  The youth will not have to pay.  For the talent portion, I have Joey, Ben, Stella, Katie, Jaden, Lexi, Brooke, and Judy.  Are there others that would like to do something?  I need to know ASAP to add them to the program!

Sunday School, 3-17-2019 - 9:45 am - Encourage your youth to be there!  We are following the Lenten Sermon Series on "Embracing the Uncertain" and it's good stuff!!

Upcoming dates:

March 20 - Buddy Packs - CANCELLED - They had a large group that was wanting to do a community service project so they do not need us this month.

March 28 - Mission Day during Spring Break - Due to very low response, we will not be doing anything during spring Break. 

April 5-7 - Young Christian's Weekend at Silver Dollar City - Thank you Ashley Halford for agreeing to go with us!  I have ordered tickets.  Late ones wanting to go will need to pay the $20 extra.  Those going include:  Stella, Katie, Jaden and Brooke.

April 10 - Buddy Packs

April 19-21 - Campfire Vigil after Good Friday Service - I talked with the Church Council and this is the plan.  We will do the fire vigil from end of Good Friday service until sundown on Saturday evening.  This would be what is considered a Jewish Sabbath as in Jesus' time and still practiced today.  Again, this will be a "church-wide" effort to make this happen.  But I am pretty sure the youth will have to take the late night/early morning hours!!  More to follow!!

May 8 - Buddy Packs

May 12 - Graduating Seniors Breakfast -
Due to Graduation being moved to noon on May 12, we are going to need to change our Senior Breakfast.  Do I have a parent(s) willing to organize the food part of the breakfast?

May 30 - End of School Celebration Trip - TBA - This is a trip where I will need a driver if we go to St. Louis like the youth want to.  Any drivers?

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above. If you have not signed up for the Remind notices, you can do so by texting to 81010 and entering this message @pmueller.  However if you have Verizon service, they will no longer allow you to receive messages through this texting service.  You can however sign up with your email by sending an email to pmueller@mail.remind.com or by downloading the Remind app and getting them that way.  Or I can add you directly if you let me know how you want to receive the notices!  I use this service to remind you of upcoming events or changes in the schedule.  I don't send out lots of texts!

Do not let cost be a factor in your youth participating!  We have scholarships available! And, I am always in need of parental help.  Please let me know if you are available for any event.

As always, please feel free to email or text me with any questions you have.  I do need to hear from you especially about the March 28 Mission Day so I can get something scheduled if there is enough interest. 

I hope to see most of you on Saturday!  Remember let me know if you need tickets!

Penny Mueller,
Director of Youth Ministries, Wesley United Methodist Church
2727 Wesley Street, Jefferson City, MO

Puerto Rico 2020 Mission Trip and Fundraisers

Puerto Rico .jpg

Plans are underway for a return mission trip to Puerto Rico in July of 2020.  This trip will be for youth going into the 9th grade in school year 2020/21, college age as well as the adults who have been a part of past work camps.  If your youth is younger than that and will have finished the sixth grade in 2019/20, they will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the trip.  If this sounds like something your youth/college age will be interested in then let me know so I can include you in all upcoming emails and the Remind-texts!

Rather than waiting until later to begin fundraising, we are starting now.  The fundraising this time will look a little different and will be divided among those that work the various fundraisers.  This will include college age and adults as well.  For the college age, if they cannot participate, they can have someone work in their place.  It is too soon to even begin to figure how much it will cost each person, but I'm going to say the total trip will cost between $1,300-$1,500 per person.   So the more your youth or self are able to participate in the fundraisers, the less it will cost you.  Ideally, I would like to be able to raise two thirds of the cost of the trip with the other third being paid by the participant but this could fluctuate depending on the participation in the fundraisers.   At the same time, I would encourage everyone wanting to go to begin saving now!  If you want to make monthly deposits into your account we can do that as well!  That money could be refunded if for some reason needed be.

FUNDRAISER #1:  Our first fundraiser was serving concessions at a Martial Arts Tournament on Saturday, March 2 at the YMCA on Ellis.  I would like to say the fundraiser was a success but unfortunately we just broke even.  There were a lot of people there but they did not buy concessions!  We had A LOT of items left over.  I'm probably going to just charge those to the Youth Restricted account and we can try to sell them or eat them whichever comes first!  The youth are always hungry on Sunday mornings!  (Not that candy or Honey Buns is a good thing to eat but we have to do something with it!)  I will send out the total we made next week after I do the deposit and check on the inventory and figure out where to charge what.

I would like to thank Bob and Keith for cooking all the hamburgers and hot dogs.  They did a great job but we had a lot of them left over as well which we froze.  I'm thinking maybe we offer to do a WOW meal and serve chili dogs and the hamburgers.  I will need to work with the Fellowship Committee on when we could do this.  I'll keep you posted! In addition, a special thanks to Ashley and Brooke Halford for helping me deliver and set up tables Friday evening; to Grace, Aslyn, Christian, and Don for helping with unloading everything on Saturday and setting up; to Brooke, Stella, Judy, Tom, Ashley, Ed and Joe for serving; and then to Jaden, Michelle, Katie, Miranda, and Terri for finishing up the day with all the loading back up and unloading for clean up!  It was a lot of work and we learned some things of what we would and would not do if we did it again.  That's a big "if"! On to the next fundraiser.

FUNDRAISER #2 - "Spring Fling 50's Thing" Dinner - March 16 - We will be hosting a dinner with entertainment!  If your youth/college age or you have a talent, please encourage them to work something up with a 50's feel.  We will be serving hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, milk shakes & brownies.  Since we did not have church on the 3rd, we are one Sunday short of selling tickets for our Spring Fling on March 16!  I hope next Sunday we are able to get a good response!  If not we will need to re-evaluate this and maybe try for a latter date.  I do need youth to be diligent in being there and selling tickets!  Remember invite family and friends.  They will get credit for how many tickets they sell (outside of our church family).  I have tickets available for anyone who wants them.   It's going to be a lot of fun!

We are going to need parents to help out on Saturday with the cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs.  The youth will need to be there early to set up.  My initial time to set-up is 2:00 and maybe this will give us time to go over things for a final run through as well as prepare the food items we need.  I hope the weather is nice and we can grill the hamburgers and hot dogs but we will wait and see! 

Another Fundraiser Possibility - Gloria Chaney's daughter is a Pampered Chef consultant and she is willing to host a "party" and the youth would get all the proceeds.  Each youth would take orders from family/friends/teachers and they would get credit on their account for what they sell.  We could try to do this in April or May.  Thoughts? Let me know if you have questions!  (680-1138)

And, we're off.....!

Penny Mueller
Director of Youth Ministries

Wesley United Methodist Church
2727 Wesley Street
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573)893-2556 pennyatchurch@gmail.com